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We provide labor attorney consulting services for corporations and professional associations. Our work is especially focused on the Labor and Civil Area, with interfaces and partnerships, also in the areas of digital law, data protection, business and taxation;

On a daily basis, we deliver legal solutions to clients in the energy, industry, finance, services, commerce (wholesale and retail), private education and other sectors. We also provide consultancy to class entities such as ABRH-RS (Brazilian Association of Human Resources – RS), Associação Gaúcha do Varejo and SEBRAE.


  • Lawyer of the Year 2022, awarded by LAQI (Latin American Quality Institute) in view of its Compliance and ESG practices.

  • Rankings certified by Análise Advocacia (highlights such as labor law firms, law firms specializing in the electrical sector, offices in the southern region and the most admired lawyers in the southern region).

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without borders


The Denise Fincato office has a representative registered with the OAB and in Portugal, in addition to alliances with Brazilian and European offices.


We monitor activities and legal issues directly or via monitoring along with solid professional relationships here and abroad.


Our recent alliances were formed with Macedo Vitorino Advogados (Portugal) and Enrico Gragnali Studio Legale (Italy).


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